Occupying an elevated site where Skyline Drive intersects with Link and Dooley Streets in North Little Rock’s historic Park Hill neighborhood, The Edgemont House is a large architect-designed example of the Spanish Colonial Revival Style. As such, it is an especially important resource in the Greater Little Rock area where few large-scale examples of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture are found. Designed in 1927 by Little Rock architect Max F. Mayer, the house exhibits all of the major characteristics associated with the Spanish Colonial Revival style: tile roof, stucco walls, wrought iron grillework and arched doors and windows. More particularly, the house falls into what is sometimes termed as the “Mediterranean” style of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture. Evidence of these influences include the sophisticated use of arches, both inside and outside, as well as the presence of casement windows, cantilevered balconies, an interior courtyard and a sunken living room. Chris chose the name The Edgemont House after the original name of the neighborhood when it was developed by the Matthews Company in the 1920’s.


As the home’s ninth owner, Chris took possession in June of 2016. The house had been without gutters for over 20 years, had no working heating or air, several ceilings that had fallen in, many large holes in the plaster, the front porch was crumbling, the front door was in danger of rotting off its frame and more than half of the historic windows were missing panes. Chris discovered most of the original iron grillework rusting in the basement and was able restore and re-install it in the original placement. In a little over 4 months, Chris took The Edgemont House from “falling down to fabulous” and made it into one of the most spectacular homes in the area.

In addition to being his personal residence, Chris graciously opens up his home and gardens for group tours and rentals. Chris works closely with both the North Little Rock and the Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureaus and The Edgemont House is a much sought after destination.